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Giant danio issue


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So I am stocking an all Male hap and peacock cichlid tank.

I am stocking dither and bottom feeders first.

It has had 14 giant danios (2 mo) 6 clowns and a rainbow shark (1mo)

I'm running 2fx6 canisters a ac110 hob and a 150 gallon raited sponge filter. A few large anubius and java ferns ( we'll see how bad the cichlids hate them)

Now on to my issue
This morning ammonia was0. Nitrites were 0 nitrates were between 10 and 20 definitely on the lower side. Ph is roughly 7.7(hard from the tap)

I went to pick up a pearl gourami for my community tank, and they had some beautiful rainbows(multiple types) and was originally looking at them in place of the danios so I picked up 5 and a medium redtail ( knowing these guys can be a bit mean I've kept an eye on him and my rainbow no issues so far)

After the new additions the clowns showed no change if anything they are more active.

The giant danios however are kind of sticking to a tight ball and not attacking food like normal. They also normally hang around the top now there all chilling under a fake plant to sleep.

They don't run from the sharks it can swim right through the group and no one freaks.

There are three however that seem to be danios crackheads who just randomly torpedo through the tank or try to swim up a filter output. Never seen them act this way should I be worried ?



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Think I found the issue.... the rainbow shark. Small fish that over night seems to hate every one. Less than a week ago he was literally in the same fish ball as my clowns.

Lol should I try to rescspe my tank or re home the little bugger can't have a 2-3in fish controlling half my tank.