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getting close to switching up my 185 need some stocking ideas


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I know I want an Oscar just for the water puppy effect, so I am trying to stock around that. I have 0 back ground in Newworld cichlids.

In this tank will be a school of 11 clowns *smallest is 3 inches largest is just under 5* I am wanting to do an Ornate Bichir and maybe one or two others that get to the 15-20 inch mark.(all lg bichirs will eventually move to the 500+ gallon coming in a couple years maybe will move my marbleds,delhizi, and sense over there as well and just make it a polly pond)

So with lg bichirs, clowns, and an Oscar, what are some other high personality tank mates ? Would it be worth forgoing the bichirs and trying a fire eel ?
I was thinking 1 Oscar, 1 Chocolate, 1 Red Shoulder Sevrum, and maybe 3 geos.

The back of the tank will be a tangle of spider wood with anubius attached to the back side (trying to keep it safe from the cichlids if it works it works if it doesn't Ill move the plants.)
Substrate will be a base of lg grain sand with a little tiny gravel and some river rocks mixed in with a couple larger rocks at the base of the wood wall with a few lg pieces of mopani scatters about.

I am in no rush so I have time to make changes and work out the final stocking.

Tank is 185 and gets weekly 40% WCs with 2 fx6s a lg sponge and an AC110

on a separate note does any one in group breed fire cracker trophius ?