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FS/FT: lots of fish and snails


potamotrygon fan
Hey guys
Have a couple different kinds of fish for sale.

Live bearers:
ameca splendens -limited quantities- 6 for $25 (a CARES fish)
limia nigrofaciata -limited quantities- 6 for $15
zoogoneticus tequila -extremely limited quantities- 6 for $30 (Extremely rare CARES fish)
Will soon have xiphophorus nezzahucoyotl and skiffia multipunctata fry available
amatitlania siquia "tempisque" $18 for 6 (not very common)
cryptoheroes coatepeque -limited quntities (many got eaten by congo tetras right after they hatched)- $25 for 6 (not very common)
marbled convicts -extremely limited quantities (many got killed by the above siquia when I put the marbled convicts in their tank too early)- 3 for $6

Carnival goldfish FREE and disease free. Only one available

Bladder snails 6 for $2
Ramshorn snails 6 for $3

Also have the following aquabid auctions that if you win, you can pick up.

All of the fish/snails I have bred except for the bristlenose plecos and crayfish in the above aquabid auctions and the goldfish.

Will post pics
I also have some tanks for sale:
I would rather sell for money but I am looking for the following if you would rather trade:
large canister filters, filter pads, rare live bearers (prefferabely wild swordtails and goodeids) , adult mystery snails, adult apple snails, or 10 gallon tanks.
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