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FS: Central American Cichlids


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I think I'm going to go a different direction with my tank and I'm looking to offload a handful of fish. All fish are pick-up only. Located in Centreville VA, (near Dulles Airport). PM me for pics and prices if interested.

1.0 adult Thorichthys aureus "Gold".
This handsome fellow was purchased from WetSpot in Nov. '17. His caudal peduncle is slightly turned upward (genetic) but he is otherwise flawless and a peaceful member of the tank.

1.1 adult Hypsophrys nicaraguensis
This is a great looking pair purchased from TUIC in Jan. '17. Unfortunately they haven't had the opportunity to breed due to light bullying. Otherwise they stay together constantly.

1.0 adult Vieja melanura
This stud rules the tank but is peaceful as far as a large, male, Vieja sp. goes. This is also a TUIC specimen purchased in Jan. '17.

2.1 juvenile Amtitlania myrnae
These rare fish are a MCHAMBERS special. The heffer is showing breeding colors but she hasn't had a spawn yet.

Pictures of most of the fish can be found here; https://www.capitalcichlids.org/forums/threads/silicone.33063/#post-275908 . Note, the T. aureus pictured is NOT the one for sale. I can provide an updated one if you're need be.