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Finally, L201 success


After several failed spawns, with eggs either eaten by dad or intruders barging into his cave, I decided to pull the eggs from my wild L201’s and hatch artificially. So into a tumbler they went. The tumbler is a Ziss brand, with no flow through. So it gets hung in the same tank for consistent temperature and I drop an air stone in and keep the top open. Just enough aeration to create flow, not so much to move the clutch. A few drops of methylene blue were added to help keep the eggs from getting fungused. Each day I add a little water from the tank to make up for evaporation. After a couple of days and no fungus, I start do small water changes to gradually remove the methylene blue. You can see from the pic progression, it has worked well and they began to develop eyes and eventually “hatch”. There seems to be more than 20 in this clutch. Hopefully they will stay healthy and continue to develop.