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filter question


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so this 125 I'm setting up I am trying to keep currents low. I plan to try to get some flowing dwarf lily's for this tank.

I will be running a sunsun 704B can with a spray bar, and likely a sponge or 2.

Any HOBs that would work with a water level 3-5 inches below the rim?

And an unrelated question.

Also in the center sections between the braces I would like to have a planter box for some marginal plants to grow out of the tank it would have to fit the area fairly snugly as this tank will have ropefish and bichirs, maybe even an eel. Any suggestions on hoe to pull this off would be great.

I was thinking of taking corrugated black train pipe and cutting holes for hydroponic planning pots. I would block off the ends with some thin acrylic line the bottom of the tube with coconut fiber matting and half filling it with like florite or eco complete then use an air stone and a clear air tube for water delivery and let it trickle back into the tank.

I am open to ideas.

I will be building a riser system for the lights above this tank, they will likely sit 6 inches or so off the top of the tank.