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Egg tumblers, eggs sticking


I've DIYed a few based on ready made ones I've seen, and even though I've tried several different materials, the eggs always seem to adhere to the bottom at some point. Even if I turn the valve to the air pump up pretty high.

I haven't used methylene blue yet, though. Is that the key?

Dunno how others are able to use their DIY ones and eggs always just stick in mine.


Check this out
"This is one of the few times I don't have any eggs in any of my tumblers."

Well, aren't you special?

Lol. I've got spawning envy.

But about them sticking, I've used fertilized shrimp eggs before, seperated then from the membrane holding them all together and they still stick.

I'd imagine they'd stick less on a smooth bottom, but you said the DIY with the mesh bottom worked ok too.
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