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Current stock list


invert junkie
Staff member
Hey guys! Though i won't be able to make the September meeting, I have been able to flesh out my stock list a little and wanted to share it with you!
Email is always best to reach me, msjinkzd@gmail.com
Amano shrimp $2
Yellow Neo $3
Orange neo $4
Malawa $2
Crystal Red Shrimp- $5
Crystal Black Shrimp – $6
Horned nerite/mini snail $2.50
Zebra nerite $2
Pomacea canaliculata- quarter sized- $3.50- IN PERSON SALES ONLY
Assassin snails $2
Trapdoor snails $2
Cambarellus texanus $5 **SALE**
Plecos and Catfish:
L144 young (short finned and long finned) 1″ $8
Calico ancistrus- short fin, small- $5
Standard ancistrus $1.50
Albino standard ancistrus $2, various sizes
Aspidoras spilotus (various sizes, home raised) $6
Corydoras pygmaeus $2
Schooling fish:
Neon tetras $1.50, 6 left
Cherry barbs $1
Brevibora dorsiocellata (emerald eye rasbora) $2, 8 left
Danio choprae $3 **sale**
Danio margaritatus $4
Microdevario kubotai $3
Boraras brigittae $2.50
Pangio oblonga (Black Kuhli loach) $2
Green neons $2
Espei rasboras $2
Neon blue rasobra (Sundedanio axelrodi) $4.50
Ember tetra $2
Pygmy hatchet (Carnegiella myersi): $3.50
Rosy loach (Petruicthys sp. rosy) $4

Specialty fish:
Dario dario $4.50
Male Pelvicachromis pulcher, 3 available $5 each
Stiphodon percnopterygionus pairs only: $35
Dried goods
Repashy- email for quote and availability, 4 oz of most types available for $10 each, larger can be ordered
Alder cones .05