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Corys with Tropheus?


Would corydoras do okay with Tropheus moori? I have a 40g with 8 duboise, and would like to put some bottom feeders in there with them. Any other recommendations?

Would Tropheus leave alone a pleco?



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While some cories could tolerate the harder water, they are really mostly from softer acidic water, so not really a good fit. Synodontis petricola (lucipinnis) is a better fit, since they are from the same lake and don't get very big. Plus they are a great looking catfish. They are best in a group, like cories, if you really want to see them out and about more.

Frank Cowherd breeds them and often lists them in fish available at the meetings. I think the last time I saw him offer them they were $8 each for 2-3 inch fish. There are other synos as well, but some get quite big so watch for that and some are from rivers so not for the harder water your tropheus prefer. Synodontis multipunctatus, is also from the lake, has a similar look, gets a bit bigger and offers the opportunity to see some cool breeding behavior with tricking the tropheus into raising their young. But if your main focus is raising tropheus, maybe you don't want that.

I think you can probably add some bushy nose plecos as well, since they've pretty much been captive bred so long that they can handle most water. You would just have to keep an eye on them to make sure the Tropheus don't decide to harass them. They'll keep the glass clean, graze any algae and help eat uneaten food, but the synodontis will do a better job of sniffing out every morsal of food left over by the tropheus if that's what you're after.

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Just remember that bottom feeders aren't necessarily scavengers and treating them as a clean up crew isn't in their best interest. If you're feeding the tropheus enough that they're leaving leftovers, you're probably over feeding them. But if you feed them the right amount, you're starving the bottom feeders, unless you feed them as well.

I agree with the above comments that you'd be better off with catfish that are more biotope appropriate. As a cory keeper, I can't provide any suggestions here.

And as for glass cleaning, how about trying one or more of the various nerite snails? They won't breed (though you will get bouts of small, white eggs plastered everywhere for a bit). They come in a variety of shell shapes and designs. And they eat diatom algae.



Thanks for the responses. I probably didn't explain enough my intent. I'm really enjoying watching the Cory knaacki grow in my tank of rams. I would love to add some more different type of corys but all myither tanks are home of more aggressive cichlids, and I know it wouldn't end well for the corys. What got me thinking was maybe Tropheus are docile enough to have corys as tank mates.

The Pleco question is simply looking for some glass cleaners. I had a massive brown algea bloom in my main tank that is now somewhat under control. I found a local breeder of plecos and figured I might put a couple in each breeder tank where they will be tolerated.

Thank you for the suggestions. I'm going to keep an eye out for those snails.