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Catfish Convention

Pat Kelly

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I see the website for the CATCON is up.

Dates are
October 9-11, 2020
Hyatt Regency Dulles, Herndon, Virginia



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This would be the first one I was going to actually get to go to and was planning to go.

b considine

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Is it bigger than the BFD? Only Catfish?
Attendance-wise, maybe bigger. It certainly was previously. Last time attendance seemed down. I'm not a PVAS member so I don't know the numbers. Unlike BFD, it draws international speakers and attendees. Yes, only catfish, especially of the pleco and corydoras variety. The PVAS on Sunday auction is general purpose.
I've been going since 2010.



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The past 2 years of BFD were low compared to normal, but we've had previous years where BFD had a combined total of 500+ attendees. We've also had international speakers in the past, but also try to mix local and domestic to keep costs reasonable.

But on the topic of CatCon, the speakers are great if you're even remotely interested in catfish, the range of topics is pretty broad. I've seen non-catfish for sale at the conventions, but you can't beat the variety and amount of catfish for sale there. The couple of times I went I always saw catfish I had never previously heard of.

Definitely worth going to, I'll probably try to make it if possible.

Pat Kelly

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All kinds of fish on Friday night at the. “Spree on Three”. It’s usually one whole floor of people selling out of their rooms.