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CAS Update 05/10/2020


CCA Members
Additions from this week's count.

Aulonocara Peacocks

See https://www.cichlidsarespecial.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_67

Aulonocara sp. "stuartgranti Hai Reef Fluorescent" One 3.5 inch ¾ color male $24.50

Aulonocara maylandi (Sulfur Head Peacock) (Rare) One 3 inch male plus four 2.75 inch females Regular $50.00, clearance price $26.50.

Aulonocara Uncertain Yellow Peacock (Sulfur head/Blue Neon Mix ?) (Hybrid) Two 3.5 inch males regular $20.00, clearance price $10.50, 3-inch male Regular $18.00, clearance price $9.50.

Aulonocara sp. "German Red" One 4 inch male $28.00, One 3.5 inch male $24.00, One 3.5 inch male plus five 2.5 inch females regular $63.00, Sale $41.50, Two trio groups of one 3.5 inch male plus two 3 inch females regular $39.00 each, Sale $31.00

Lake Malawi Haplochromines

See https://www.cichlidsarespecial.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_68

Lethrinops sp. Mbasi Creek (Rare) Two 3 inch ¾ color males $25.50 each, Three 2.5 inch ¾ color males $16.00 each.

Otopharynx Lithobates Zimbabwe Rocks Sulfur Head (Germany) (Excellent Yellow Blaze Z-Rock) One 3 inch male $22.00, Seven 2.5 inch males $17.00 each.

Shipping is available on Wednesdays.