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CAS 1/06/2018 Update

Discussion in 'CCA Sponsor - Cichlids Are Special' started by Jay, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Jay

    Jay CCA Members

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    Jay Stephan
    Nov 7, 2009
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    York, PA
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    Friday at 8:47 PM
    The Web Site has been Updated

    As of 01/06/2017:

    See Web Site at https://www.cichlidsarespecial.com/

    Prices are on site.

    Shipping by UPS (One Day only)

    or by SWA Cargo

    See https://www.cichlidsarespecial.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=61

    Local Pickup in York, PA by Appointment

    Aulonocara Peacocks

    Aulonocara stuartgranti Chipoka (Chidunga Rocks) (Orange Maleri) (Rare) One 4” Male, Four 3.5” Males, One 2.5” Male, One 2” Sex Uncertain Six Pack (Six Pack is up to 25% Off)

    Aulonocara sp. "Lwanda" (Red Top Lwanda) Two 1.5” Sex Uncertain Six Packs, Two 1.5” Sex Uncertain Three Packs

    Aulonocara stuartgranti "Ngara" (Ngara Flame Tail) One 2” Sex Uncertain Six Pack

    Aulonocara Maulana Bi-Color One 1.5” Sex Uncertain Six Pack, Two 1.5” Sex Uncertain Three Packs, Two 1” Sex Uncertain Six Packs, Two 1” Sex Uncertain Three Packs

    Aulonocara korneliae Chizumulu Island (Blue Gold) (Rare) One 1” Sex Uncertain Six Pack


    Local pick up is available by appointment. I plan to deliver fish to the January CCA Meeting Parking area. Order you fish for this meeting by Thursday, January 11.

    Mark your calendars and make your plans to attend the Big Fish Deal #6 March 2-4, 2018 hosted by the Capital Cichlid Association. This year's event has moved to Rockville, MD. CAS will be there Sunday, March 4 for the Marketplace. http://thebigfishdeal.com/

    Now that the economy is growing again and tax cuts are coming for 2018, if you have neglected the hobby for awhile, it is time to get back into it. Start getting your tanks and equipment set up now while it is too cold to ship fish. Get them cycled and ready. And be prepared for new fish by Spring.

    My selection of Peacocks and Haps are growing with each order from my wholesaler. My Wholesaler also has a large amount of mbuna available in six packs.

    During the cold weather months, Local Pickups and CCA Delivery orders are needed to help pay the bills to maintain my fish. Please help me get through the cooler months by purchasing fish this way.


    Cichlids Are Special

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