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Frank Cowherd

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Put your skills to the test and enter the AQUARIUM BEAUTIFUL CONTEST March 4 and 5th in Gaithersburg. Entry into the contest is open to all who are registered for the BIG FISH DEAL. Besides great talks and a big fish market on Sunday March 6th, the lobby will contain lots of BEAUTIFUL AQUARIUMS that are entered in the contest. Registration for the whole thing is only $35. Go to http://capitalcichlids.org/aquamania/ to register and see details about the event, contest rules and raffles and speakers.

Only one week away. And it is really easy to enter a small cube or desktop aquarium. Though there are two tanks entered in the large tank class already that are over 40 gallons.

And if you do not enter, just plan on coming to see the great variety of tanks entered in the contest.