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Bujurquina vittata spawning


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Sometimes, all it takes is a little change. I bought six of these South American dwarf cichlids at the 2017 BFD. Never saw anything like spawning. Added a seventh fish about five weeks ago, courtesy of Andrewtfw Andrewtfw . Figured someone would pair up and I'd remove the others, but no romance developed.

Last week, I decided to reduce the number of fish. I netted all of them out last week and tried to figure out if I had any females. They are not very sexually dimorphic, so I had to take a guess. I thought I had one female, so I kept her and three other fish, and sold three at yesterday's great Catfish Convention auction. Today, I see spawning! They are biparental mouthbrooders, sometimes on a delayed basis, so this will be interesting to watch over the next week or so.

(Yes, Leffler817 Leffler817 , I'll do a BAP form if I see swimmers.)



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I had a similar situation with some rainbow cichlids. It wasn't until I divided the group in half that some paired off.