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Best way to Euthanize a large fish - need help


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I have a large 13" plus fish. She has cancer and as much as i love her, I think its time.
Has anyone euthanized a large fish before? Aside from cutting her, I heard of Clove oil (?) but it is not suggested for fish larger than 2".
I'd like to gently help her go. Thank you for suggestions.


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Sorry that you are in this situation. It stinks.

The few times I've had to euthanize, I put the fish in a ziplock and then in the freezer.


Sorry to hear that she has cancer and that you need to put her down. I would use clove oil to put her to sleep then put her in the freezer like Jon said.


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I had to put my 13 in flowerhorn down. 5 gallon bucket with tank water then put fish in there and add clove oil until fish appears to be asleep. Then add rubbing alcohol to water. Done under 15 minutes.


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I'm sorry to hear this. I'd go with clove oil. I have some here if you can't find it. You'll want to add some to a bottle of water and shake it up really well, then gradually add it to the bucket.