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Best DIY Media Ideas

So i've got 3x AC 70s that i'm looking to run. They each have the sponge and the ceramic pellets, but there is still more room for media in them. I also have an older Aqueon 30 HOB, in need of media.

Finally, I'm looking for a good pre-intake sponge media to put on the intakes of all these filters so help protect fry, small fish, and maybe shrimp.

I'm reluctant to cut apart some of my still functioning sponge filters to do these jobs, so we come to the question:

What are your Best DIY Media ideas for HOBs and HOB pre-intake tubes?

I'll be taking a trip to home depot in the next few days, and cheap (but functioning) fixes that can be obtained their or built from things i could buy there would be best.



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Lava rock makes good bio media, for an intake prefilter.... does it need to be pretty, there are some CHEAP ones on the market aquarium coop for instance


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The ceramic pellets work, but you can just add more sponges, for my AC110s, I just use 2 sponges, I think in the AC70s you can use up to 3. As an alternative, you can use pillow stuffing, known as poly-fil, but sometimes you can get large bags of pillow stuffing at craft stores on sale. It will need replaced semi-often, but its fairly cheap. A good sponge will be cheaper in the long run though since you can just rinse them out, the pillow stuffing won't hold up long term. I doubt the pillow stuffing will hold up well enough as a pre-filter intake. You could use a fine mesh netting or filter bag if it's wrapped properly, just make sure it's not so fine that it restricts flow.