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Drawing a blank on the guy's name that was selling these by the Aqua-Pharm table... does someone remember and can you give me his name? Thanks!



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Gary from AquaPharm often has them, but Stith Aquatics was on the left and Joshua from Batfish was on the right. I've seen both with axolotls.


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Yeah, they were definitely Gary's and he probably always has them. My understanding is that they are culls from research science projects that work only with the natural colors, not those with color mutations. I was talking to him about feeding and apparently all of his are captive-bred and pellet-fed.


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I got a little one as well, spectacular little specimen. My daughter was excited about only this one purchase. I on the other hand, was overwhelmed by the niceness and knowledge of all of you there. This was the first time I was able to attend for the weekend and must say I'll definitely be saving the date for next year.


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Welcome to the caudata club. Caudata.org is the caudata bible of the internet. Let me know when you are ready to add some newts to your collection.

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