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Aureum or Meeki?


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So is this a light colored Meeki? To me looks more like an Aureum. They were unlabeled and came into the LFS as “green terror” 😂🤦🏻‍♂️




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I forgot the difference between aureum and maculipinnis, which I say is also on the table since it's that size


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Unfortunately, T. ellioti is not a valid name. There are nine species in the genus Thoricithys, currently. Eliotti is a synonym for T. maculipinnis.
The amount of red on them is generally not a good diagnostic, as it can vary wildly -- and it can vary from yellow to orange, too, within a single species. You can make a good guess based on "where" it is, but that's usually about it. You want to look at the patterns of dots and bars on it. T. maculipinnis typically have a weak horizontal bar, which I don't see on this fish (though it might just be faded or not visible). Otherwise, it does closely match.

Do any of the fish have the horizontal bar on them when they're a bit more settled?

To add a complication, virtually all of the Thorichthys species in the trade, unless wild caught, are hybrids.