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AquaMania - Whatcha Get?


I avoided purchasing anything.. I had to sit on my hands and bit my tongue as a distraction but I managed. I did share a table with Mr. O Shea's associates and as his share of the table I got this cynotilapia afra cobue I am in LUURRRRRRVVVVVVVVV with as he has color. LOL.. All my other cyno afra cobue have muted their color in my community tank which is why I am selling some of the breeding colonies I have and revamping decor in the tanks to try and give the fish ( the cynos and mets) a chance at holding territory and thus coloring up.

I sold several bags of fish including two breeding colonies. I covered my table rental gas food etc for Sunday and still walked with a profit of 250 plus... So a great day as far as I am concerned. I am excited to see folks who purchased my fry share the good word please let me know how they do for you color, whether you are happy etc.. that is about my favorite part of this .. hearing how the fish are doing after the sale and customer satisfaction.. lol

Honestly I think we should do more... not all weekend events mind you but like a CCA "marketplace day" on a regular basis. Like a swap meet tent sale garage sale kinda thing. Frankly I thought the market place was a huge success and we need more "small events" like that.

Mind you by small I mean a one day sales thing where we can sell our goods and fish as CCA and others.


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I was busy for most of the convention, but was still able to come home with some great stuff, and more than I anticipated;

3 L333 juvenile plecos (pre-order from Cichlids of America)
10 Pseudotropheus sp. "polit" Lions Cove (pre order from Dave S)
10 Metriaclima sp. "Msobo" Magunga (pre order from Dave S)
1 Pseudotropheus flavus (pre order from Dave S)
2 Astatotilapia Aeneocolor females (pre-order from Jay)
6 Mylochromis Ericotaenia 'Manda' (Silent Auction pickup from Dave S)
5 Ex-Cichlasoma Pearsei (Marketplace donation from Cichlids of America)
Several types of food from Your Fish Stuff
Repashy from Ted's Fishroom donation (paired with my auction pickup)

Other than that, I came back with a new found respect for the other board members and various club members who pitched in to help, and who organized the event. I also realized the club has some amazing sponsors and vendors who are willing to contribute towards an awesome convention if we do the leg work.


2 F1 Chuco micropthalmus (Rapps marketplace)

2 sponge filters (YFS-Marketplace )

Additional fish keeping and breeding knowledge (everywhere)


1 pair of Crenicichla nothophthalmus (preorder from Rapps)
1 heckel discus pair (Rapps marketplace)
yellow shrimp (msjinked) thank you, honey
seahorse necklace, fissidens, narrow leaf java, gwapa hairgrass (Jen marketplace)
p. erectus and hygro. bold (cca marketplace)

Pat Kelly

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I behaved myself.....(darn it)

I preordered some NLS from YourFishStuff.com
and two types of fish from Daves.
And that was all!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Otopharynx lithobates 6" Male NY Exotics
Otopharynx lithobates 5" Female - Tony
Albino Eureka Red 5 Male - Pat
Lethrinops sp. "Red Cap" (Itungi) - Pat
2 x 2 gallon tanks
3 x T5 48 inch bulbs
Flakes - Your fish stuff
3 tank back grounds - christine
PVC ball valves - Christine
air stones
Python connector - -Frank
40 breeder - Craig the Rasta Man
Mag 9.5 - Craig the Rasta man

And sold all my fish :>


I was good, I didn't buy anything I hadn't already made tank space for. But I'll tell, ya, it was hard; there were many very tempting things in the marketplace!

I got the following things from Aquamania:

Pre-orders from Dave's:
6x Enterochromis sp. Red Back Scraper
6x Xystichromis sp. Kyoga Flameback Lake Nawampassa
6x Platytaeniodus sp. Red Tail Sheller

I pre-ordered 6 kg of NLS (three varieties) and four Eheim heaters from YFS.

In the silent auction, I won a group of Pundamilia sp. Red Flank Nansio Island

I also got the reassurance that CCA is the best friggin fish club in the entire Universe!


I behaved myself.....(darn it)

I preordered some NLS from YourFishStuff.com
and two types of fish from Daves.
And that was all!!!!!!!!!!!!
That must have taken some Herculean self control, Pat! There was an amazing quantity of amazing stuff in the marketplace.


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Four plants (GWAPA)
Two nerites (Rachel)
Cherry Shrimp (Jesse)
4 Heroina (Rapps)
Three types of food (YFS)
Nets, sponge filter (Stith)

Had a wonderful time with great people!


6 Xystichromis phyotphagus (Dave's pre-order)
2 Aulonocara sp. "Stuartgranti Maleri" (CAS pre-order)
2 Cynotilapia Afra "Jalo Reef" (CAS pre-order)
6 F1 Aulonocara sp. "Chitande Type Masinje" (Auction - didn't find out they were F1 until I contacted sicichlids.com who donated)

4 bags of food from YFS (marketplace)
2 sponge filters (marketplace)
2 large sponge filter replacements (marketplace)
1 battery powered air pump (marketplace)
1 18" flourescent light (marketplace)
1 gnarly rock/wood looking tank decoration for son (free at marketplace)
1 20L tank background (free at marketplace)

Lots of free samples of stuff.
Great time with my 9 year old son at our first convention.