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AQM3- What did you get?


I made it despite the snow and freezing rain.
I got...

  • SRT breeding trio (they look AWESOME!)
  • Bi-color peacock
  • German Red peacock
  • Tomato
  • Benga
  • Yellow Blaze
  • 29g tank
  • bunch of sponges
  • and of course, a CCA t-shirt.
  • wife not screaming so all good. :)
I missed the VC-10 at the auction and the clown loaches were just too expensive but they were big.

Any chance someone can post the powerpoint presentation on gadgets?


a lot of amph. amarillos and salvini
Some lyonsi
rio cabayo siquia
Sailfin mollies
carpintis 'escondido'

and most importantly. knowledge passed down from all the great speakers. :)
My list:
Chuck Davis T-Shirt
Crytoneros Septem Fasciatos
Labidochromis sp. "Hongi"
Green Phantom Pleco
Pleco caves and Texas Holey rock

Got to hang out with Chuck Davis Friday night and learned a lot. My first AM3 and I enjoyed it. Met some members I have never met before also.

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Flying Pleco
Albino T.reef female
Star Sapphire female
Xenotoca Variata Jesus Maria
Baby BN plecos


I got
2- Aulonocara stuartgranti (Chilumba) males
11- Aulonocara stuartgranti (Chilumba) juvies
3- Aulonocara "yellow collar" males
1- Protomelas taeniolatus male
2-Protomelas taeniolatus females
8- Placidochromis sp. "Phenochilus Tanzania" these are just a few. I will finish this list later

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Former CCA member
Corydoras sp. C091
Biotodoma wavrini

Various pieces of wood
cool plants
ADA filter intake


Got a gold nugget pleco
Group of 3 super red plecos
Group of 3 l129 Columbian zebra plecos

Last week I also got a l136 gold spot
And a l090 royal pleco


Got a decent haul:

Group of caquetaia kraussii
Red Hook Silver Dollars
Striped Silver Dollar
Couple of Vieja Heterospillus
2 Green Dragon Plecos
1 Spotted Rahael
2 Chuco Micropthalmus
3 Neolamprologus Leleupi
5 Melanotaenia herbertaxelrodi
1 Coral Beauty
1 axolotl

Bunch of superb driftwood
portable air bubbler
Bunch of live rock
couple dual fan powerheads
Nice modular sponge filter
And a cool night light, to boot, for my daughter Think that about covers it! LOL...



Global Moderators
36"Current satellite plus pro led
Manzanita wood
4 hoplo cats
9 duplicarious cories
12 congo tetras
12 elegans cories
2 whiptail cats

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Past CCA President
I picked up:

6 exCichlasoma atromaculatum from Jeff Rapps
1 female h. nicaraguense from Jeff
A pair of paratheraps melanurum from COA
3 cryptoheros sajica from COA (one didn't survive the trip)
8+ c. spectibilis fry from COA

All in all a great weekend.


Alligator Snapping Turtle/Past Pres
I went a bit crazy this weekend, lol.

-Malawi mbuna print (Zach from Rare Fish Auction)
-Male Otopharynx tetraspilus (Dave Preorder)
-Female Red top zebra (Dave Preorder)
-Group of Labeotropheus fulleborni Chalo (Dave Preorder)
-Pseudoancistrus L067 (Rapps)
-Pyrrhulina spilotus (Ted)
-Pyrrhulina "zigzag" (Ted)
-Aequidens sp. "Janaro Herrera" (Ted)
-Cynotilapia sp. "Lion" Lion's Cove (Dave)
-Trio Fossochromis rostratus (Chris Stith)
-Plants (Jen Williams and GWAPA)
-Necklace for Maria (Jen Williams)
-Butterfly box (Mike Barber)
-Kickass "Convention/Intervention" Tee shirt (Wil's brother)
-2 asskicking hangovers

In all, I spent more money than I wanted to, but I got *way* more stuff than I would have paid otherwise. The preorders, the venders, the auction and the swap meet saved me a ton of money!

Thanks CCA!


Past President
Wasn't planning to bring home much, but of course some things were too good to pass up.

A. kandeense juvies (DRAF group buy)
M. sp. 'Msobo' Magunga juvies (DRAF group buy)
C. chrysonotus juvies (DRAF group buy)
M. auratus juvies (DRAF group buy)
2 Mesonauta Acora festivum adults (Auction via Ted Judy)
6 Protomelas hertae 'flavimanus' (auction via Mike's Cichlids)
5 Julidochromis ornatus 'Congo yellow' (Marketplace via MarkK)
2 Albino yellow labs (Marketplace via Malawimania)
2 tanks from Jmty
Sponge filters and tank from 1BadMarine


12" Oscar
7" Jack Dempsey
2x Herithys Carpintus - my buddy has already bought them from me, he wanted them so badly.
2x Zoogoneticus Tequila (livebearers)
2x Badis Badis
5x longfin black bristlenose
6x serpae tetras

500gph pond pump
sponge filters
3x very nice pieces of driftwood
Brightwell Aquatics prize pack

Awards - thanks again guys!

Rasta Fish

[FONT=&quot]Went for the company and to look around NOT to buy anything [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]For some reason these end up in my possession [/FONT]

Trio of (HUGE) Neolamprologus brichardi daffodil
Pair of Badis Badis
Pair of some really cool killifish
Drift wood
4 Albino Yellow Labs
Bag of Red Cherry Shrimp
Pickup 4 Electric Blue Acara from Josh http://www.batfishaquatics.com/
*Pending group of (Acarichthys [FONT=&quot]heckelii)[/FONT]