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Anyone here used Tampa Bay Cichlids to order fish online?


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TBC used to be a reputable business. My first few orders were them were great. However, the quality of fish has reduced greatly. I’ve received the wrong species, fish with missing gill plates, hybrids and like you all, fish that were too small. I shouldn’t have to set up a grow out tank for fish that are advertised to be a certain siZe. However, David has always been polite and quick to replace an order. That being said, I wouldn’t recommended them. There is something to be said about the time and investment you need to make to grow out fish just to find out they are the wrong species or gender. Plus, their prices went up. Now you have to have a bigger purchase to qualify for the free shipping. From $49 to $69. I just received another shipment of hybrids, looked up reviews on this place cause I’ve had enough. They don’t seem to care about the species or preserving quality, just making a buck.