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ACA2019 is in CT

Hey Pat,
I never have been to a ACA event, I did go to the Aquatic Experience. Your opinion and I won't hold you to it, which do you prefer to go to if you had one choice.....this also goes for the other members as well. My work schedule is so tight especially in the summer, I would have to choose one event.

Pat Kelly

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Depends on what you like.

AE was big on displays and vendors.
I hit 1 talk. Most were not geared toward me. Ted gave a good talk.
I loved all the displays and information on newest stuff.

ACA will only have 5-10 vendors or companies for display.
but the talks will be a lot better. You will have tons of talks that you will like.
There are at least 2 auctions. The normal
sunday auction and one on Friday night (I guess) that is best described as an r-rated auction.
There should be a fish show as well as people selling fish out of their hotel rooms.
Every night there is a hospitality suite if you like free beer.
There will be side trips available if you want to spend the money.(I usually hit one of them)
The biggest thing is talking to people. You meet people just like you. You are there several days and
tend to make new friends. I like to go for the people. You also can meet people that are big in the hobby
because they are there all week. Its cool talking to someone like Larry Johnson who goes to the lakes a couple times
a year or Lawrence Kent who travels all over Africa for his work and happens to check for fish while he is there.

Same with our local event the BFD
you meet people, have fun and learn at the same time.

I enjoyed the AE. I would like to go back next year.
The wife already said once is enough for her. While it was interesting for her, it did not do the same things as
the other conventions like ACA. She is not into the fish but has been to 46 of the 48 fish conventions I have been too.
Think I will keep her. LOL
I like free beer...that's a plus
I like to talk to people, I like seeing what the fish look like in person than on the internet.
I like looking at tanks, my head is always thinking about what I can do to make my tank awesome, and always wanting to learn from people who have been where I am, it's too costly learning some of this stuff on your own.
Thanks for the info.


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Glad to see ACA is semi-local, I'm going to try and make that one, I haven't been since Indianapolis. I like their advertisement.

I didn't make it to AE, so I can't compare the two, but the couple of ACAs I went to were a good time. Plenty to do, plenty of fish to look at or buy, plenty of tanks to see, plenty of people to talk to, etc...

BFD is a great preview of what ACA could be like, with a lower rate and easier drive, and plenty of club members attending.