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ABK(african brown knife) question


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So I have one of these in a 75 west African biotope, got another for my 125 planted tank.

The one in the 75 is thriving and will ninja food out of the mouth of my polys, its fearless and healthy.

The one in the 125 (running off of a seeded filter) while very active only eats very sparingly. Live food can get a response but anything else it shows little interest in (though it will eat frozen and some pellets occasionally) It is not as active as the one in the 75, but being nocturnal it is more active at night. These things by them selves are just the quirks of that type of fish, where I have concern is what I am about to explain.

Day one, one small white spot on the head of the knife (did not look like ich as it did not appear risen and was quite small, almost like supper fine sand that I have in my grow out tank(no sand in this tank) So my stance was monitor, the next day no spot.
All was good for 2 days on day 4 3-4 spots along the back of the knife, now I am confused, this tank houses a bristle nose, a breeding group of guppy culls (yes I know they will eventually be food) 2 juvi African leaf fish, 2 African butterflys. Nothing else presents the symptoms.

Again now with more concern I monitor again the spots go away.

Day 6 knife is covered in the same super tiny white spots, eye are clear fish is active, fish will eat live food when presented fish will take broken shrimp wafers when close to its hide. He will come out swim laps eye ball a guppy, swim up the glass where I am staring perplexed by these spots.

My brain finally explodes I move him into a 10 Gallon sick tank, because it has to be ich right, the next day, no spots.

Still active still take food life and shrimp based pellets and frozen blood worms.

Still no signs of ich in the 125 on any one. Every one is very active and they all seem very healthy.

Ammonia is 0ppm
Nitrite is 0ppm
Nitrates go between 10-20 PPM week to week (assuming the jumps are plant melt or food blown out the gills of the leaf fish)

Does any one have a clue what could be going on with this knife fish, I know their color can change from black, to dark grey, to brown, but that doesn't appear to be what is going on and I am at a loss.