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8 days out.


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I've been printing up all of the stuff for the registration desk.....envelopes with people's names on them, Aquarium Beautiful ballots, setting up the template for the badges.

It's always tricky printing the program. We try to include all of our sponsors on it, but I've got to cut it off at some point so I can print them. Probably early next week.

I've also got the runner cards for the auction printed up and ready to go.

Let's see.....Oh, I received the ribbons for the Aquarium Beautiful awards this week....they look really nice!

Sponge filters for the auction holding tanks are seeding....

Oh, and then there's the stuff for myself, like getting a few more tanks setup so I'll have room to bring my group buy and auction purchases home and quarantine them properly. I haven't even started getting my hotel room bins ready. Pat, I need to take a lesson in organization from you on those!


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It seems like just yesterday we still had months to get things together. Time has flown by since the holidays!

I think everything is coming together well!