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30 gallons of aquarist holy water


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I'd assume all my luck for the year has been used up on this singular instance;
Some side info, I live in an area where the tap pH ranges from 7.8-8, so as a result I'm usually stuck with fish that actually like that water. Never had luck with low ph fish that had been "acclimated" to live in higher pH. Nor do params stay consistent as much as I treat for such.
One of my tubs outside, the one that doesn't have unnecessary amounts of frog eating gambusia in it, is flipped over, because it's empty. Or was. I went out after a few weeks of storm to look at things thoroughly (as opposed to occasionally peeking through the basement window to make sure things are still moving) and I see that not only is the empty one flipped over, but it has filled up all the way with rainwater, and is also stained red from the tannins of maple leaves.
30 gallons of tanned rain water. I'll test the pH one of these days, but given the background info, you can see how this is amazing to me. Now what do I do with it? I'm thinking I might reactivate one of my 10 gallons and get some tiny rare colorful fish that likes a lower ph than I can normally provide.