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3 Reefkeeping gadgets that can up your freshwater game!

Tannin Aquatics

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One of the things I find both interesting and frustrating as a reefer was all the gear that we tend to use to do stuff that you'd think could be accomplished naturally in an appropriately-designed system: You know, stuff like sulphur denigrators, algae light reactors, etc., etc.

Now, I dig these gadgets, so don't get me wrong...and apparently, so does the reef keeping world, as there is no shortage of fancy gear released every month to accomplish many of the tasks that nature is supposed to! And I can't help but wonder, as we explore more naturally-functioning systems, if some of these ideas and pieces of equipment are adaptable to our purposes. Let's look at a few examples of items that might have "crossover" potential. (click to read more)