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Discussion in 'Past years speaker list and schedules' started by Pat Kelly, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. Pat Kelly

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    January 8
    Matt Quinn
    Uruguayan Biotypes
    Matt Quinn has been keeping fish since he was ten and filled his bedroom with betta bowls and brine shrimp hatcheries. He currently maintains a fishroom of 50 tanks of mostly (brown) New World and West African cichlids. Matt is a member of the ACA and serves as a board member at large for the CCA.

    Mike Hill
    Aquarium Photography

    March 12
    Lawrence Kent
    Quick Trips to the Lake Victoria Basin and the Kenyan Soda Lake of Magadi:
    The Wonderful Challenge of Identifying Wild Caught Haplochromines

    Through this presentation, I’ll share with you stories of my flash visits to the Kenyan, Ugandan, and Tanzanian shores of Lake Victoria to catch and study some of its indigenous Haplochromine cichlids. I’ll discuss the challenges associated with identifying the hundreds of species in that big lake and seek your input in trying to figure out which ones are which.
    The presentation will be the same one I gave at the 2010 American Cichlid Association meeting in Milwaukee, but I will add some bonus material on a subsequent trip to one of the world’s most alkaline environments – Kenya’s Lake Magadi – to seek out a cichlid that can survive and breed in 110 degree water. Time permitting, I’ll also share some recent pictures and stories from a trip to the Congo. I hope you will come and enjoy the talk.
    Lawrence Kent works on hunger and poverty alleviation issues for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, a job that involves frequent travel to Africa and Asia. During these trips, he tries to find time to look for tropical birds and fish, particularly cichlids. Lawrence has lived in ten countries and worked in another 40 (including 25 in Africa). He was born in New York and lived in Washington DC from 1990 until 1994. At home he keeps and breeds Rift Valley and West African cichlids.

    April 9
    Mo Devlin

    May 14
    John Nicholson
    Discus 101

    June 11
    Don Conkel

    July 9
    Members Cookout

    July 21- 24th
    CCA Does ACA.- ACA convention

    July 22
    CCA 10 year anniversary

    August TBD

    September 10
    Spencer Jack

    October 8 TBD

    November 12 TBD
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