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  1. Prince

    Stuff for sale and free

    6 or thoracochromis brauschi for sale. They are adults. 50 or best offer. Free full 55g set up minus filter has painted background that is light blue. The tank and stand are display quality. I got it for free so I'll pass it along in the same manner. Free 55 stand and canopy. No delivery
  2. jonclark96

    For Sale - A. Ethelwynnae and C. Azureus

    I have some ethelwynnae and azureus juvies available for delivery to the meeting on Saturday. They are both about 1". $4 each or 6 for $20. PM me if you are interested. Jon
  3. miguelgr7

    Mated pair of Apistogramma sp Kelleri "red face" for sale!!!

    I decided to sell this pair mated, I have fry of them, the form is "red face" rare and beautiful form, look the pics, for more info and price send me a PM. Big Male Big Female
  4. rich_one

    FS: CA/SA Cichlid Fire Sale

    I need to thin the crowd, so here is the list: Two approx. 7" Paraneetroplus maculicauda, unsexed (one from Dan of COA, one from Beltway Aquarium) - $10 each One approx. 3.5" Vieja Breidorhi, unsexed - $7 One Vieja Zonatum, unsexed - $10 One approx. 10" male Chocolate Cichlid, very...
  5. J

    Top AAA flower horns for sale

    5 inch big kok SRD $250
  6. fishology

    White top Hara's for sale

    hey all ..I'm up here in Harford county and have a few 20 or 30 haras. I bought Dan's breeding group and they have bred 5 times now.. I have small un sexed all the way up to and including some beautiful 5 inch show males.. let me know we can work out a price. I'll post up some pictures later...
  7. carl_d_c

    FYI $1 a gallon sale

    Stopped by Petco today, their dollar a gallon sale starts this Sunday!
  8. Tangcollector

    Tropheus Chiwena for Sale

    I am selling a rare group of Tropheus, They are 2-2.5" and very healthy and eating like pigs. There are 14 of them and they are really starting to come into their own. I got them from a German Preorder from Butch @SEC so you know they are good quality. Hit me back if interested. I would love to...
  9. S

    Lots of acrylic tanks, set-ups, equip't for sale or trade

    Please see my CL listings: Acrylic Aquariums! Aquarium Equip't: http://baltimore.craigslist.org/pet/5469648697.html?lang=en&cc=us 55 gallon set-ups http://baltimore.craigslist.org/pet/5485819548.html?lang=en&cc=us 30 gallon - long Aquarium...
  10. A

    Petco dollar per gallon sale.

    Anyone know when they normally run this? I can't remember if it's like quarterly or bi-monthly.
  11. A

    Items for sale or trade

    Powerhead 700gph works great pumps super strong. Pulled the impeller out and everything is in good shape. 250 watt heater. Brand is aquarium systems visa-therm. I think they were bought out by marineland at some point this one is made in Italy and nice. Functions as new. Few pieces...
  12. festaedan

    Lots of nice fish for sale

    Hey guys Looking to move some fish 25 von rio tetras - $1.50 a piece or all 25 for $30 20 +/- panda cories - $3 a piece or all for $40 Breeding pair of kribs - $10 breeding group of bleeding heart tetras (2m2f) - $15 for the group or $10 a pair 4 smaller kribs - $3 a piece or all 4 for $10 6...
  13. KGrander

    Dual 75 gallon metal tank stand for sale

    For sale metal tank stand. I had two 75 gallon tanks on this stand for the past year. Bought it from another fine member. Just built two wooden stands and that is why I am selling this stand. I can deliver to the BFD or you can pick it up. Or other possible arrangements. Stand measures 51.5"L...
  14. J

    Moving sale

    I'm moving to TX and need to let go my babies. I will try to keep some of them but I cannot haul them all with me. I have posted an ad in Craigslist but I'm hoping the Cichlid community can help me take good care of them...
  15. Kareen

    Fluval Quad T5HO for sale

    Hi All, I have 2X36" Fluval Quad T5HO w/ led Lights I need to sell I'm asking $150.00 for each of them. I just got them last year my better half got them for me he meant well. But it is too much light for my 125 tank w screen under them. I can give some extra bulbs w them. just pm me.
  16. H

    HoleyRockofTexas BFD Sale List

    Here is a list of items I plan to or can bring to the BFD this weekend. I will bring rock and caves but fish might be limited availability unless requested. See You all there. Texas Holey Rock ranging from 3 to 60 lbs. Most rocks $2.50 and lbs. African Cichlids $20 minimum on...
  17. ChuckSon_NB

    My BFD Sale List

    Hello CCA, Here is the Chuck_Sons Pets "The Big Fish Deal" Price List. I am also open to selling any fish this week so BFD will be the last day any of these fish are available. I'll be in a bit of a hurry that day so to make transactions as smooth and quickly as possible I will have all of the...
  18. Localzoo

    Tanks for sale

    3x 10 gallon tanks just the tanks 1 glass lid new in box for 10g 1x 40 breeder just the tank Neither has been used but have been sitting in my basement so might need some dusting of or and good wipe down Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
  19. mchambers

    API (Rena) Filstar XP-L Canister for sale for $75

    I picked this up recently when acquiring a tank and don't need it. I've replaced the gaskets and o-rings and tested it to be sure it does not leak. It's got the hoses and part of the intake and output parts, but no intake strainer or spray bar. It has no media, but you'd probably want to...
  20. B

    65 Gallon Setup for sale

    I have a 65 gallon freshwater setup that I really need to sell soon because I am moving. It is in great condition, no leaks. I will even throw in extras if you would like. I am very motivated to sell so please send me a reasonable offer. I have photos listed on my other posts, but I can...