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  1. Pat Kelly

    The start of the fish room remodel.

    Okay, I have been talking about this for a couple years.. Okay many years but now I hope to start my fishroom remodel after I get back from the ACA convention next month. So, this should be the first group of posts in a loooonnnnggggg line of posts on this subject. I have done some...
  2. Pat Kelly

    Ants in the Fish room.

    Okay every year I have a battle with ants in the fish room. They set up around the room in diff areas and I try to kill them. I sit in there and follow the trails till I find the nest and try to kill it without killing the fish. I have found nests between tanks, under lights and of course...
  3. rpitonyak

    Fish Room Up and Running

    Good Morning Everyone! I appreciate everyone's comments about installing a sump without drilling holes in my tanks. After some more planning based on the comments I received, I got to work. I demolished my old (8) tank rack and built the new 15-21 tank rack Friday (I played hooky from work). I...
  4. rpitonyak

    Fish Room Sump Questions

    Good afternoon everyone! I am building a small fish rack to breed (3) different types of African Cichlids. I figure I would start small and gradually work my way up. I will have (3) 40 gallon tanks on the bottom, (3) 29's in the middle, and a combination of (6) 29 longs and (3) 10 gallon tanks...
  5. Becca

    Fish Room for Rent

    Ok, so it's actually an entire townhome, but it has an unfinished, below-grade basement that would make an AMAZING fish room, you know, just in case anyone is looking in the Gaithersburg/Montgomery Village area...
  6. MDB_fish_newbie

    My mini fish dining room

    Finnaly had some time today to start setting up this rack in my dining room =) Still have a bunch to do Sorry the picture is sideways
  7. Termato

    Christine's Fish Room

    Just saw Joey's post of Christine's fish room. It's quite impressive. I really like your racks, Christine! Are those 75s? 55s? Your fish room is inspiring :) can't wait to see it when it's done. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP-aTFlqtnk
  8. Pat Kelly

    keeping fish in your hotel room

    Every so often I see people asking questions about keeping fish in their room. With preorders, group buys, swap meet, and rare fish auction, will you be prepared? I originally posted this for The BFD 2. I figured I would repost this thread. You can either use some of this information or...
  9. ChuckSon_NB

    My Fish Room

    Thought I'd share my most recent video with everyone. I'm Really excited to hear speakers, see amazing aquariums, and enjoy the marketplace at this year's "The Big Fish Deal". Thanks for watching, Happy Fish Keeping! Watch "2016 Fish Room Update" on YouTube https://youtu.be/M57bML54I3M
  10. jonclark96

    Book Your Hotel Room Today!

    Folks: Please don't wait to book your hotel room for The Big Fish Deal if you are planning on staying. We have already booked the first block of rooms allocated by the hotel and have had to add a second block of rooms. These may not last long, so if you want to take advantage of the room rate...
  11. Vinh2o

    Are 20 Gallons Highs useful in a Fish Room?

    What is a 20 Gallon High useful for in a Fish Room containing Mbuna & Peacocks. Currently my smallest grow out tanks have been 40 Breeders. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app
  12. Jmty

    fish room remainings

    50 watt jaeger in box $15 4 packages of ken's premium flake 1/2 lbs 4 f0r $15 specimen container large $5 each
  13. O

    Selling off a bunch of stuff from fish room

    Fish for sale Groups: Elongatus chewere group 7 (very nice strain) $50 Elongatus Chitimba group 9 (smaller just starting to breed) $60 Elongatus jewel spot group 4 $30 Albino dragon blood group 4 $50 Ob dragonblood group 4 $50 Tangerine tiger group 4 (large and prolific) $60 Albino s. Fryeri...
  14. impala_man2003

    everything in fish room must go

    i have other thhings going on now so i do not have time for the fish room over 30 tnks and stands must go nurmous filters heaters to much to list call me 4432045918 nick for more info tanks ranging from 10g-125 includinga 150g pond
  15. Pat Kelly

    spent a little time in the room

    I actually spent 2 hours in the fishroom yesterday cleaning up. No water changes, No algea cleaning. Just cleaning up all the crap I leave laying around. It just piles up. Usually I spend a lot of time on water and never on the other stuff. I also moved some fry around and mixed up 3...
  16. Hawkman2000

    Free stuff-Cleaning out storage room

    BRING CONTAINERS FOR SUBSTRATES! I am cleaning out all my extra aquarium stuff. 12 gallon plastic aquarium Uses 2 comp-flo bulbs. No filter. 3 bags of fake plants Some plastic caves One good for plecos One good for small nw-cichlids Construction sand-partialy rinsed Makes great substrate...
  17. Jmty

    fish room

    10g. tank,acrylic cover,sponge filter and air pump $15 10g. tank, hood ,light,in tank whisper filter with media and sponge, $30 . plants on wood and rocks $7 cichlids caves big $7 or 3 for $15 small $5 amazon sword $5 java moss ball $5 java ferm narrow leaf on wood $8 driftwood medium...
  18. chriscoli

    BFD Room Block is closing soon

    5 days left to get your hotel room at the reduced rate!
  19. Btwcp

    Fish room

    I am gonna build a fish room. I was wondering what people recommend for filtration? I was thinking a sump and sponge filters. I was thinking a 100 or 150 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank for my sump. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks Brian
  20. chriscoli

    Have you reserved your BFD room?

    Make sure you reserve your hotel room for the upcoming BFD event! The block closes FEBRUARY 20TH! You can reserve it by going to this link: http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/personalized/G/GAIGHHF-CCA-20150226/index.jhtml or call either 301-977-8900 (hotel direct and ask for...