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  1. dogofwar

    Idea from AKA Convention to Encourage Early Registration

    http://www.reef2rainforest.com/2016/05/30/killing-3-days-at-the-american-killifish-associations-2016-convention/ "The next day, May 28th, started with the fish sale. Entry to the fish sale room was based on the attendee’s registration number—the first to register gets #1 and last to...
  2. jonclark96

    Want a Free Registration for The Big Fish Deal?

    Hey everyone. Who likes FREE stuff? Who wants a FREE registration for The Big Fish Deal? Here's how you can get one: Everyone registered by midnight on Friday, February 12th for The Big Fish Deal will have their name entered into a drawing for a full refund on your registration. We will...
  3. chriscoli

    Catfish Convention 2016 registration is open!

    Hey Everyone, The website for the Catfish Convention is live! http://catfishcon.com/ This is one of my favorite local meetings and auctions! From their website: October 13-16, 2016 Hyatt Regency Dulles 2300 Dulles Corner Boulevard Herndon, VA 20171 On behalf of the Potomac...
  4. chriscoli

    BFD 2016 registration desk volunteers needed

    Hey Everyone! Thank you to the people who volunteered to help me at the registration desk at the last meeting. Here's how the schedule stands right now. Please let me know if you're able to help for a shift or two. I only need one or two people helping in any given time slot. Friday March 4th...
  5. jonclark96

    Registration is Open

    CCA: Registration for the BFD is now open. Register today. You can access the BFD website from the home page in the upper left hand corner or from the AquaMania tab in the navigation ribbon at the top of the page. Please get the word out to all of your fish friends! Jon
  6. jonclark96

    BFD 2016 Registration is LIVE

    The Big Fish Deal 2016 Registration is now Open! Register today!
  7. jonclark96

    Meeting Auction Registration

    Don't forget to get your auction items registered in MyGroupAuctions.com. This is the last auction before the summer break!
  8. unknown_saint

    pvas registration?

    not sure if it is taboo to mention another aquarium club here. if so, i apologize. but i'm sure there's a lot of cross-membership. anyway, a couple weeks ago i tried to register for pvas. but i never got my activation email. when i try to login, it says my account has not been activated yet. if...
  9. J

    Registration at door?

    I have already registered for the marketplace though my father has decided after building the stand and canopy that he would like to come as well. Will he be able to register at the door?
  10. Andrewtfw

    Please help out at the BFD Registration table

    Hello friends, Based on the feedback of those who volunteered at the registration table last year, I am scaling back the number of volunteers per hour that I am requesting this year. Unless otherwise noted, each time slot is to be filled by one person. If you are willing to donate an hour...
  11. Andrewtfw

    Registration Table at AM2: Help Wanted

    This is a request for help running the Registration table at AM2. Thank you to Christine, Bruce, Becca and Matt Chambers who have contacted me directly to see how they can help out and ensure that all patrons have a great time. I will do my best to accommodate your schedule. Please PM me...
  12. Pat Kelly

    Registration incentive drawing #2

    Okay, since the last drawing worked pretty well, I figure it would be good to do it again. Cobalt is one of our sponsors and they have provided us with the following prize. Cobalt Large Cichlid Pellets. This is an 18 ounce bag a retail value of 27.56 (i found it on amazon at $24.95) So...
  13. C


    Ok.. So I went to the registration link... put in my $$ and hit donate... ????? do I need to register (ie.. put in my vitals, name address etc somewhere else???) somewhere else? or is it simply paypal lets you know and you post my name and such on the table vendor thread? Just want to make...
  14. rsretep

    Member registration HELP

    My wife Juanita is trying to post on forum with no luck..she has registered and is a member. What is she doing wrong? Help please
  15. dogofwar

    AquaMania Early Registration Deal - Sign Up Now and Save!

    CCA will host AquaMania, a weekend of fish, friends and fun, on Saturday and Sunday, March 9-10 at the Gaithersburg Hilton. AquaMania will feature awesome speakers (Ad Konings, Ken Davis and Rachel O'Leary), a Sunday Marketplace (swap-meet) of your favorite vendors and hobbyists, an Aquarium...
  16. T

    ACA 2010 Registration Now Open

    Hello CCA members... The ACA 2010 registration, tank rentals/sales, official gear, sponsorships, vendor space online store is now operational at www.aca2010.com . Please check it out... and REGISTER! I love this smiley... :jumpy: See you all in Milwaukee...
  17. C


    Just saw this and pretty interested in coming by. What's the $15 for? Is that just to enter the place? I wanted to bring the wife and kid. But if I have to pay $45 I might just leave them at home. Can someone elaborate?
  18. Pat Kelly

    Fish Show Registration

    When registering for the fish show please make sure you put down the complete class information As an example a Peacock should be listed as class IV c 3 when you fill out your registration. Not just IV Makes it a lot easier on the show chairperson when figuring out things.
  19. Pat Kelly

    Registration For Aquafest2007