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  1. verbal

    PVAS Fall Auction - Sunday Oct 4th - Fairfax, VA

    Sunday, October 4, 2015 Green Acres Center 4401 Sideburn Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030 We typical get over 1000 lots of fish, equipment and plants. We use the MyGroupAuctions system similar to CCA mini-auctions. We will have a live fish raffle for Rainbowfish - tickets will be $2 for that and the dry...
  2. W


    Vote for your favorite photo! Photo A Below Photo B Below Photo C Below Photo D Below Photo E Below Photo F Below Photo G Below Photo H Below
  3. dogofwar

    Going to Aquafest (Oct 18-20)?

    Aquafest (http://aquafest2013.org/) is rapidly approaching (Oct 18-20). This event will feature four Speakers, an Aquascaping Demo (Iron Aquascaper), Aquarium Beautiful Contest, Top Name Vendors, and a Huge All-Day Auction on Sunday. All for $20!!! Are you going? Planning to demonstrate...
  4. thedavidzoo

    WTB: assassin snails - Oct meeting?

    3 or so assassins to eat my snails. I plan on being at the Oct meeting.
  5. Frank Cowherd


    FISH AND CULTURES AVAILABLE FOR OCT 13TH CCA MTG Fish and cultures available for delivery to the October 13th CCA meeting or to the Catfish convention are listed below: All the fish I sell are raised in my fish room. New stuff: Pseudotropheus demasoni (Lake Malawi)...
  6. Jefft

    Oct 13 next meeting.

    I have only been to one meeting thus far and I have a quick question. Is there an auction at each meeting?
  7. Sonny Disposition

    MEET UP OCT 30 NOON Tropical Lagoon

    RECESSION BUSTER: If you're in the area, stop by and meet us as we visit an area business tomorrow: (This is not an official club event, just some members getting together on an informal basis.) WHERE: Tropical Lagoon Aquarium 9431 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910-1435 Two...
  8. killakacti

    williamsi purchased at the Oct. meeting

    here is the liitle guy getting settled into his new home. he is already digging in the sand. sorry the first pic is a bit blurry.
  9. dogofwar

    Kid Fun at Oct Meeting

    I'm planning to bring some posterboard, crayons, construction paper, scissors, glitter glue, googly eyes, etc. to the Oct meeting for kids to create fun CCA posters... Planning to set up one or two of the tables in the back so that kids can do this while other - less interesting - stuff is...
  10. verbal

    Items for Oct meeting delivery or Reston P/U

    Also available for pick-up in Reston, VA. Fish: Red Empress trio(~male 6"/ females 4-5") - $50 Labidochromis - chimulsae(1.25") - $3/each Labeotropheus trevawsae(red-top 1.5") - $10/pr Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys (3-4") - $30/4 Male Albino BN pleco(3.5") - $7 Brown BN pleco babies - $10/8...
  11. longstocking

    Aquatic things I can bring to Oct. meeting!

    N. buescheri mozi F2 10.00 each 1 to 1.25 ABN 1.25 3.00 each L270 F1 1 inch 15.00 each SOLD Tropheus sp. red lupota F1 11.00 each T. vittatus 1.25 5.00 each Male N. signatus 2 inches 10.00 Male Tanganicodus irsacae 2.5 inch 12.00 Snowball Shrimp 1.50 each or 12 for 15.00 Chalinochromis brichardi...
  12. Tony

    Planted Tanks Oct 2010

    Hey guys, Talking to Sam on another thread yesterday made me realize I hadn't taken any decent shots of the planted tanks lately. To be honest, I've sort of let them go lately. Have a CO2 setup with a pH controller on the 45, but the solenoid is sort of screwed up, so I haven't had the CO2...

    Godsmack Oct 3, you goin?

    I'll be seeing Godsmack for the 6th time this Sunday at the Post Pavillion!!! If you haven't seen them they put on an awesome show. 5 finger death punch and Drowning Pool will be opening. I've seen Drowning Pool once and they didn't disappoint. If anyone else is goin maybe we can get together up...
  14. M

    CCAFFL Update-Standings Oct 20

    CCAFFL Standings Division 1 Predators 5-1 729 points Cheatin' Ba$tard$ 5-1 633 pts cmcpart0422 2-4 591 pts The Jumbie Busters 1-5 503 pts Toe Nail Fungus 0-6 523 pts Division 2 Super Red Emperors 6-0 721 points Phoenix Fire 4-2 658 pts TheOtherRedheadGirl 3-3 629 pts el huron 3-3 593 pts...
  15. Terri

    Aquatic Obsession Grand Opening--Sat., Oct. 17th

    Aquatic Obsession Grand Opening!!! Week of: October 16, 2009 Grand Opening! This Saturday Oct 17 11:00-7:00 There will be: Free Food throughout the day Hourly Raffles Discounts: 15% OFF EVERYTHING (except Vortech pumps, aquariums, and special orders) New in Freshwater: Compressiceps Cichlids...