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  1. lonlangione

    Jeff Rapps has LOTS of cool stuff

    Just went to tangled up in cichlids - Jeff Rapps website and he has some really nice fish from Cory pantanalensis, spectacular Hypancistrus, Crenicichla lenticulata "Rio Atabapo and other cool cichlids.I would have to take out a second mortgage for everything I would like to have. Check it out...
  2. msjinkzd

    Lots more pics-endli, gar, odds and ends

    those weird macrobrachium:
  3. mscichlid

    Need lots of fry or feeder care receipe

    Anyone using feeders? If so, how do you treat them before you feed them to your fish. I would rather get as many fry as I can from hobbyist and raise them to feeder size. Anyone got lots of fry they want to get rid of?
  4. S

    Lots of tanks for sale ASAP, VA

    Fredericksburg, Va - FS/FT - Aquariums I have a 10g tank for $10 20g tank for $20 A 30g tank for $30 55g tank for $65 And 30lbs or so of color gravel for $30. Mostly blue with some red and black mixed in. Fills a 10g 5IN thick evenly. I also have a screen with door...
  5. danger_chicken

    WTB: Ramshorn snails lots of them

    WTB: Ramshorn snails lots of themhungry puffer needs food.
  6. T

    Lots Of Africans

    Hello everybody, I have two tanks full of Malawai I need to get rid of to make tank space. I have 20 Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi Red flames and 20 Blue neons make me an offer! I also have a handful of red zebra , and yellow zebra. The females are holding babies. Need to move by next weekend or...
  7. J

    Lots Of Cichlids For Sale

    3 Crabros - 1 4" Male ($15), 1 3.5" Male ($10), 1 2" Female ($5) Elec. Blue Johanni - 3.5" Male ($10) 3 Red Empresses - 1 4" Male ($15), 2 3" Females ($10) 2 Green Nimbochromis - 2 3.5" (Females I think) ($10 each) 1 Melanochromis Auratus - 3" Male ($7) 1 Likoma Island - 3.5" Male ($10) 1 Albino...