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  1. rawdeakka

    malawi growout sale

    i have 25 to 30 fish in my grow out that i want to sell. A few have shown themselves to be men. Below is a list of what I know. 1 yellow blaze male 2 yellow blaze female 1 white knight male 3 white knight females( 1 is holding) 3 unsexed fossochromis rostratus The rest of the...
  2. A

    Female GT Growout

    Picked up this female Rivulatus to hopefully pair with the male I got from Rapps a few months ago. She hasn't colored back up yet and isn't yet feeding but otherwise seems like a nice healthy female. I got her from Go Fish in rosedale where she was in a tank with some random peacocks and trying...
  3. McGrubble

    Looking forward to the growout!!!

    Almost 2 years ago my friend, dankdabe, introduced me to the hobby, and I've slowly but surely become obsessed since. I currently have two dwarf cichlid based community tanks (and a third on the way). However, after seeing my roommate purchase a betta recently, I decided it was time to venture...
  4. K

    20H/20L Growout Tank..

    Which is better a 20H or 20L for a growout tank?? Thanks Kelvin
  5. Tony

    Video: Growout Yellow Head La Ceiba

    So I finally got around to shooting some video this week. Since Mo Devlin came up earlier this year, I've had some of his Parachromis sp. "Yellow Head La Ceiba" growing out. When I got them in the spring, they were probably 3/4" TL. Of the 8 I have, the largest is probably about 3" long and...
  6. iamzrad

    Growout tank: Video

    Here's my 29gal growout tank. Some are from the livefishdirect order back in December are in here. Taken on my Nexus One phone. *Note: I forgot to mention the Ngara peacock (you see him slightly before I pan to the Tetra) Yes, a Tetra. He's solid. :) bFqVSClMit0
  7. Pat Kelly

    Grow-out contest forum

    This section will be for any and all announcements, discussion and chest beating about any and all grow out contests.