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  1. BigPoecilia

    Two 55 Gal. Tanks for sale

    I have two 55 gallon tanks for sale. One tank comes with two light fixtures and two glass tops. Price is 75.00. The other tank comes with two glass tops (no light fixture). One of the glass tops needs a new plastic hinge in the middle. The plastic center brace was cracked but is joined...
  2. Beanie Seagus

    WTB 5 or 10 gal set up

    Hey guys, So i'm having to basically live out of a hotel for work over the next month, but wanted to bring my hobby with me. Can anyone point me in the direction of a cheap, used, 10 gallon or 5 gallon set up? Specifically i need a tank, lights, some type of small filtration, and maybe...
  3. BigPoecilia

    AllGlass 54 gal. Bow Front Corner Aquarium

    Hi there, I have an Allglass 54 gal. Bow front corner tank for sale. Stand, light fixture, and glass top included. No leaks. Price is 150.00. Here is a video of the inside of the tank. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLhWmPmr4gc. For some reason I'm having trouble uploading a picture, but i...
  4. T

    FS: 75 gal tank stand, led light filter, fish and plants

    2 true siamese algae eater about 4 $12 each 1 set of trio Turquoise Rainbow (Melanotaenia lacustris), 2.5 $20.00 Rock with lace java ferm and java moss attached $10 ~12 Drift wood with lace java ferm and java moss attached 35 misc plant $2- $5 75 gal tank with wood stand. power head...
  5. jstlstn

    filtration for 55 gal

    Hello I have a friend that is setting up a 55 gal. He will be keeping maybe one of two Jack Dempsey's in it. He is looking for filtration that is cheap quiet and easy to maintain. I suggested maybe an AC70 or AC110. Which would suite his requirements better?
  6. T

    FS 75/90 gal wooden stand

    75/90 gal wooden stand with two doors. $50. Feel free to send me a pm or email at troyda@hotmail.com.
  7. M

    75 gal stand

    Just brought a new tank in need of a 75 gal stand.
  8. FishEggs

    WTB: 40 gal breeder stand

    Hello Folks. . . . . .Folks? That's a funny word. Who uses that word anymore? I must be old now. I can only picture old western movies where they use that word. "Folks around these here parts like their fishes." See. Can't help but to hear a little old man voice when i say it in my head. . . . ...
  9. ChuckSon_NB

    150 gal. and Fish FS

    Everything Must Go $300 for everything 6ft. 150 Gallon includes gravel Black Oak stand Glass Tops 6 ft. Light 300w Heater 3 HOB Pumps>>>Aqua Clear 110 Whisper HOB Aqueon HOB $Fish>> Mated Pair of Green Terrors (6.5" Male, 5" Female)...
  10. T

    55 gal w\stand, canopy, light, 3d background & substrate

    Title says it all, 55 gal with stand, canopy, lights, sand & 3D background $150. Tank is is good condition with a few minor scrathes. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks Troy
  11. chriscoli

    What would you do if you had two 150 gal tubs?

    I recently picked up the two 150 gal Rubbermaid tubs from ChuckSon, and it's got me thinking ahead to next spring. Yes, I know...it's a little early, but I'm excited and looking for ideas and inspiration. If you had two 150 gallon tubs, what would you do with them?
  12. Angelote

    Starting up 75 gal tank again

    My 75 was occupied by 2 Trimacs and babies (which have now been transported to FL with TheThreeAmigo) and now planning to start the 75 again. I have an Angel fish pair in a 29 that I plan to move over (so I can move my zoogoneticus tequila babies in the 29). Right now I'm looking for plants...
  13. Becca

    FS: Valisneria, 5 gal bucket full

    $15 for probably 40-50 plants. Pick up Damascus, Md. Will trade for other types of low/moderate light plants that don't get as tall. Sent from my SCH-I435 using MonsterAquariaNetwork App
  14. men_arell

    WTB- 29 gal Hood

    I am looking for a hood or a glass lid for a standard 29 gal tank. i went to petco and i really don't want to be down $40 for it. Craigslist didn't have any available either. thank you.
  15. T

    58 gal 3' Oceanic - the heavy one

    Anyone interested in a 58g old school thick glass Oceanic? Tank only. Dims are 36 x 18 x 21 (high) Black trim Just resealed with black silicone. $50 I'll be at the June meet or pick up in balto 21217 zip Thanks!
  16. B

    hood for a 10 gal

    I'm looking for a hood/light for a 10 gallon aquarium and I'm in Dundalk, MD Bernice
  17. T

    75 gal wood stand

    75 Gal wood stand. The tank is scratch in the front. The tank is pre-drilled for salt water, but I used as fresh water planted. $75.00 for both Pick up 2 miles from I-270 exit 4B.
  18. Lord Fauntleroy

    WTB 90 gal Tank only

    Looking for tank with black trim. Prefer it not be drilled.
  19. Lord Fauntleroy


    little or no scratches, prefer black trim.
  20. madcobra216

    240 Gal All Male Peacock Tank

    My 240 Gal All Male Malawi Peacock Cichlids Tank: http://youtu.be/Ipwfs9GFo7k Hi everybody, Check out a quick update of my 240 Gallon Show tank. Still looking for a few Bi color, Venustus, another Ali, a few more Haps. Thanks for looking.