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WTB: Phenochilus Star Sapphire - 6"+ Male


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Looking for 2 to 3 Phenochilus Placidochromis Tanzania (aka. Star Sapphire) for my 125gal tank, at least 6"+ male, not interested in juvie/fry.


CCA Members
Yes last Saturday I ordered the last three of their 5" males...i wish they had a few more! LOL I'm doing a species only tank so i need a few more ;-)

I also went through quite a few to hunt for them, tampa bay, imperial, livefishdirect, quinn's fins, craigslist, ebay, aquabid, etc.

Jim Anderson

hard to find at that size, awesome that you got a few from SE-there fish are always nice. I have a 6" male and love him, don't want to sell him though. enjoy and good luck.


Staff member
Mike's Cichlids may be a good place to check too. Jay at CAS may be able to get larger sizes when he has special orders available as well.