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Virtual May Meeting: Freshwater Exotics Fish room tour with Q&A


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MD public schools are still closed, so we can't have our usual in-person meetings, but we're going to have a live-streamed meeting with our intended speakers; Freshwater Exotics.

Freshwater Exotics (https://freshwaterexotics.com/) is going to give a tour of their fish room, and will take questions ahead of time to answer during their stream. Questions and chat will be disabled during the stream, so if you have any questions, please submit them ahead of time. Here's how it will work (this is from them):

They can send questions to info@freshwaterexotics.com with the email subject CCA Live Stream Meeting Questions
Please have them include with their question:
their name and where they are from, what their primary fish keeping experience/interest is (Africans, South Americans, Breeding oddballs....etc).

Those who submit a question with all the correct information included will be put in a drawing to win a FWE t-shirt. :)
The question submission and t-shirt giveaway will only available to your club members and people you share this info with, not the general public who may also tune in to the live feed.

We are planning to have them come down in October to give their planned talk, so for anyone who was looking forward to that, we'll still have it eventually once things return to closer to normal. If all goes as planned, they'll be offering a group buy at that point.

Reminder that the October meeting will be the first weekend (10/3), as the Catfish Convention is scheduled for the second weekend (10/9-10/11) of October.

Other ways to connect with Freshwater Exotics:

We'll post details once we have them regarding a link for the stream, timing of the stream, etc. Stay tuned for more details, and hopefully people will enjoy some fish related entertainment.


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Can we do zoom meeting. Just participated in the ccy meeting with Jim Cunningham and it was a great meeting


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Can we do zoom meeting. Just participated in the ccy meeting with Jim Cunningham and it was a great meeting
No, Facebook or YouTube were their preferred venues for presentation, and a zoom meeting of that size would require a premium account.


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Cool! Will there be a group buy with them?
As mentioned above, we're going to try for a group buy in October when they come down. Arranging a group buy isn't feasible at this point because we don't have everyone gathered in a central location, and flights aren't as readily available, etc.


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Live stream site is posted below! Meeting stream will start saturday at 2PM, our usual meeting time. Remember to submit your questions ahead of time using the instructions above.



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Reminder about Freshwater Exotics live stream tomorrow! Don't forget to submit your questions if you are curious about anything, and have a chance to win a t-shirt.


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Awesome presentation! I saw up to 63 people watching, was hoping we'd get more, but it's still more than our monthly average of attendees.

Saw some incredible fish, I wrote down some pleco species I really liked, but now I REALLY want to order some of their discus when we host a group buy.

Big thanks to Freshwater Exotics for giving us a tour of their fishroom and answering some great questions!

And I won a t-shirt! Side bonus.


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Great live stream. they already had a list of the pleco species i liked. they called it "current stock list" though.
i'll definitely be in on that group buy.


Ugh I had to work and miss it. Was hoping to have some free time to check, but have been slammed with calls all day 😩