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Tropical Fish Collecting


As many of you know I've been traveling to the Amazon for many years to collect neo-tropical fish. I just booked R/T tickets from Dulles to Iquitos for the least amount I've ever paid - $522.72. So if you've been on the fence about joining me, January 2022 is a great time to travel down on the cheap.

We are trying something different this January by offering two trip options: 10 and 7 days since some aren't able to take the time off work to do the full 10-day trip. So we plan to functionally break the trip into two parts. We will do 7 days on the boat and 3 days collecting/exploring at the Santa Cruz Forest Reserve* - that way the one-weekers could do the boat trip, and the long-termers would be able to do both the boat and the field station. We have the field station at the start, since at the end of the boat-based portion, we need to be getting any collected fish delivered to the exporters and readied for shipping to BWI.

10 day: 13 - 22 January
7 day: 16 - 22 January
Check out the calendar: http://www.mtamazon.com/calendar I don't handle the financials so you'll need to send a query in that regard to Devon at Devon@projectamazonas.org
COVID-19: Currently Peru is about 45% fully or partially vaccinated, and I expect that the vaccination rate will exceed that of the US by year's end. All of our crew have had their first shot of Pfizer as of this time, so they'll all be fully vaccinated well before the end of the year. I expect that vaccines for 5-11 year olds will be approved soon in the US as well, and come 2022, Peru may start requiring proof of vaccination from incoming passengers, and dispense with the other measures currently in place. Can't make any firm predictions, of course!

Questions? Michael@projectamazonas.org

*The PVAS Foundation, Inc. helped purchase land at this forest reserve so we will get a chance to explore that parcel. Even better we can create a list of fish we collect on that parcel.