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Tropheus moorii Green murago


Anyone have any experience with Tropheus murago? They look so cool I am anxious to try and keep them. Any tips? Anyone know where I can find them in the DC Metro Area?


Past President
Bill has the yellow murago. Dave S. was the last person I knew with green murago, but I think Atlantis and RSC stock them also. I haven't seen any local sources recently. There are tons of tropheus varieties out there though. Wise to do your research before buying a group. I think the muragos are even meaner than most tropheus from some of what I've read online.


Dave is out of Murago.
RSC is way too high on his price.
I have someone who has them at a great price...pm sent.

(I have Yellows)


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I presently have a group of green murago w/c 11 females 1 male. I also have 27 f1 fry from still on the egg to close to 1”. Unfortunately I don’t ship. live in Florida.