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Today was a good day


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Today was good day. I took some time out to prepare my tank. First, there was water that had been sitting in the tank for months. A thick film had formed on the surface. Really disgusting. Actually, it was down right nasty. The python to the tub upstairs was no go. The parts fit, but the run from the tank up the stairs to the tub was too much. I could not generate a good siphon. I just hooked up to the hose bib out front, but I am going to have to eventually get another faucet in the kitchen which is closer to the tank. I fixed the AC110 filter motor. I thought it died last year. It just needed a good cleaning. I am waiting for some Caribsea Echo Complete Cichlid sand. Sometime late May or early June I will some Labs, Rusties and Pseudotropheus. They will go into QT with seeded sponge from a mature tank.