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Satanoperca daemon


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Looking to sell a large (7-8”? Maybe bigger? Idk, I’m AWFUL with estimating size) Satanoperca daemon. Has pitting in the head that has been getting better, he came to me like this when I purchased him at the auction at the last BFD. Otherwise eats wel and receives NLS hex formula and the tank has been getting large weekly water changes. Wouldn’t be looking to sell, however, he has recently taken a liking to chasing my Uaru around (no nipping or anything like that, just a quick chase). He has been no issues with small fish (I have lemon tetras). Hoping to get what I paid for him, $75, but will hear any good offer.



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Beautiful fish and a great offer, I remember being very tempted by that fish at BFD. I think I saw this fish listed at that size for $110 on a vendor site. Good luck Kyle.


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Just some chasing, nothing serious. He’s been pretty good overall. My 180 is just a bit cramped right now. He’s good with my tapajos lol
If my geos were a little bigger, I'd consider it, but they're so little right now.