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RoniZ’s peacocks n haps

Roni Z

CCA Members
Hello CCA
I’ve recently become a distributor for Keystone Cichlids in the DMV.
I just brought in 35 haps and peacocks to start and have already sold 10 to club members.
I’m going to do this on a regular basis and offer high quality, gorgeous fish from my place in Rockville; pickup only. All are 3-5” future stunner males. Custom orders are also available; you save shipping.

Here’s what I’ve got for April :
Elect blue fryeri 2
Taiwan reef 2
Nova long blue nose 1
Creamsicle dragonblood 1
Virginallis yellow blaze 2
Red top arista 2
Red empress 2
Swallowtail 2
Insignis 2
Albino ruby red 2
Eureka red 2
Turquoise hap 1
Orange collar peacock 1
Ngara flame 2
Azurus 1

In addition I have close to 50 x 5-6” gorgeous males
Happy to FaceTime, WhatsApp or send pics
Thx for looking
Text or call 5613508165