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Rental with Fishroom potential!

Discussion in 'Just Kickin' It Lounge' started by Becca, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Becca

    Becca CCA Members

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    Rebecca G
    Feb 11, 2013
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    Damascus, MD
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    Yesterday at 1:08 PM
    Some of you may know we've hit some serious bumps in the road this year. Among them was losing the renter for our townhouse, with less than the requisite 60 day notice, following his marriage. If we could sell the townhouse and break even, we absolutely would (we are not really into landlord-ing), but there's no good way to do that, so it's up for rent again.

    The townhouse has a full basement with laundry area and partial framing. It also has one large window (think humidity control). When we lived there, it was part storage, part fishroom, part dog-room. It's a pretty nice townhome with a fenced yard/patio in an area with access to Rideon express busses, community pools, and major highways.

    The basement is ideal as a fish-room space, complete with a large utility sink and the kind of insulation from large temperature swings you can only get underground. The patio is a great area for summer tubbing, too. Stone countertops, hardwood on the first level, carpets upstairs. The rental is pet friendly and managed by Long & Foster Management services.

    For more information, or to share this with friends or family, please check out: http://rental.longandfoster.com/longfoster/listings/show/1729305
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