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November Synodontis Raffles


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Hey guys,

Several months ago, pretty much every shipment from my primary supplier began to breakdown with ich within a few days of arrival, regardless of what I did with it, even stuff that went straight into sterile tanks. Not only was this ich, but it was Super Ich, an incredibly virulent strain that resists most treatments, and seems to be more lethal. I swapped suppliers to their sister company, which seemed to have cleared the problem up. The Synos in last meeting's raffles came from this second supplier, and had been looking good.

I didn't notice until after the raffle, but a couple of them had some light ich. I didn't think much of it. A couple of people who brought fish home from the raffle have let me know that it is the super ich strain. (One of the tell-tale signs of this is that it reaches a second stage where its no longer 'rolled in salt' white spots on the fish, but giant clumps of snow). Either the second supplier is also now sharing fish that have it, or its persisting in my tanks despite being fish free for a while prior to the synos going in. . . . . From talking to other retailers, it appears to be the former, though I am not going to dismiss the latter as a contributing factor.

As neither supplier is going to be able to reliably offer healthy fish in the near future, I am no longer using them, and have swapped to a completely unrelated supplier who is not having any problems.

So, first off, to anyone who is now battling synos with ich, let me apologise. Secondly, if you won a Syno in the raffle and have lost it, please e-mail me (Batfish Aquatics at Gee Mail) and let me know. I'll replace them, from the new supplier.