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Mini auction, neolamprologus cygnus


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I have a singular female cygnus, around 2.5-3 inches, killed male so I have no use for her and don't want to occupy a whole tank with a single cygnus. So let's do something fun with it, a mini auction of sorts.
Starting at $10, ends on the 30th at noon. Must be gone by February
Reply with your bid, no minimum bid size



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Yes 😭
I have no other tank she can go in she's just occupying an entire 20 long by herself
But what if it wasn't an auction and just the singular fish for $10??
The fish I was gonna put in that tank shipped like a week early so I figured out how to fit them into another tank, no rush if anyone wants her
My plan b was just to trade her in to my lfs which obviously wouldn't have been the best, but I figured anyone here would give a better home for a fish like that than any of the people in my town, so I thought I'd try to do it like old times
Just remind me to not get a job as an auctioneer for awhile 😂


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This club is tough for Tanganyikans in the best of times. A single fish is always a tough sell, too. :-/