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Full salt setup for sale


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Got a 55 gallon full salt setup for sale. It’s comes with tank, canister filter, heater, wave make, rocks and such, all chemicals and food related things I have for it, and even the fish. The fish I have in it currently are a Misbar Darwin ocellaris clown, a Regular fancy clown, an Engineer goby, 3 Yellow clown goby, a Coral beauty, a Harlequin bass, and then some snails and crabs. I’m asking $200 or best offer, I really just want to try to get back some money for what I paid in fish. Any reasonable offer is accepted. I’m located in New Windsor or I can deliver for a fee if not to far. 7BAD05EC-5FAB-445C-BC8A-B2449C360DCA.jpeg2CCBA8DE-E68A-48C7-92B7-4E60FC2BDD7F.jpeg