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FS: out of hobby (55 gallon, etc), $125, Frederick county


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I’m selling as a lot, if I can.

The 55 gallon is new and comes with a lid and inset lights. It’s from Aqueon. I haven’t put water in it bc I injured myself transporting it, and that’s the primary reason I’m getting out of the hobby. ( The tank is fine. I saved it with my finger. It was not my smartest decision.)

Also included:
One small 5 gallon, bow front.
2 Tetra whisper air pumps
Misc. tubing, air stones, suction cups
Several small lights
Some live plants (Java fern mostly)
Baby brine shrimp hatchery
Anything else that I’ve forgotten. I want it to go to a happy home.

For some reason, I’m having trouble with pics, but I can email.

Pickup only, south New Windsor (15 min from Mount Airy)
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