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FS Malawi cichlids


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Aulonocara cf. stuartgranti "Red rubin" (male) 5-5.5" - $40
Dominant fish in the tank, deep rich coloration, had him since he was a wriggler
Aulonocara stuartgranti "Usisya tanzania" WC (male) 5-5.5" - $35
Mildly nicked fins and going blind in one eye, other than that very active and feeding on dry food
Chindongo demasoni colony CB 0.75"- 3.5" - $150
Around 30 fish, ranging from fry that got spit out a few weeks ago to full grown adults that are a few years old, 3 guaranteed males and around 6-7 females. Some may be holding. From Frank Cowherd's line, some with broken barring but all have dark rich coloration.

I will get pictures when my phone decides to come back to life.


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unfortunately the best picture I could get of the usisya but it shows the nick in his fin, and then the biggest male demasoni