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FS. Apistogramma cacatuoides groups (1m/3f) - $10 per


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I have some young cacatuoides that are sexable and ready to spawn soon.

The father was wild-caught and the mother was a domestic strain from Triviashi_Maru Triviashi_Maru .

A picture of some of the fish:

I can’t seem to find a picture of the father, but he was stunning. Unfortunately he died a little while ago.

Anyway, $10 for a group of 1m and 3f. I’m located in Rockville.


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How about $5 per pair? I still have plenty, but don't have plenty of room and I'd like to free up space for other dwarf cichlids.


Dang, I have no idea when I would be able to get anywhere near Rockville. I just lost my male Apisto overnight, was fine yesterday, today I find him floating at the top.