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Does anyone have a large male cichlasoma amazonarum they're willing to sell for a good cause?


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If anyone remembers the gold mystery acaras from awhile ago, I still have mine. The only guy I know who still has them lost his last adult male. It has been determined that they are most likely an axanthic form of c.amazonarum. With this in mind it would then be plausible to breed a gold individual to a normal colored one in order to produce fry carrying the gold gene. However, Kevin at tuic has talked about sending out another expedition to find more golds. However again, I fear this may take too long for me to be able to breed mine, as she is nearing the end of her lifespan (she should be around 6-7 by now).
I know I said I wanted to keep mine as a pet as opposed to a breeder for the remainder of her life but she's been starting to show breeding behaviors in her tank (of all female fish), and I think it is in our best interest to try and keep the gold line alive. I would be willing to pay for an adult male c.amazonarum if anyone has one and is willing to sell him off. My female is around 6 inches just to give a size reference for what I'm looking for. Once I get fry carrying the gold gene I can give the male back and once I get gold fry I'd give some for free as thanks. If anyone here has golds, that would be even better.