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Decisions... Help me!


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I'm starting up a species only Tanganyikan tank, trying to figure out which species I should start a colony. Choices are tied between Julidochromis marlieri and Neolamprologus brichardi 'kiku blue face/flame tip'. I love julies, marlieri and regani are my favorites and I now have access to alot of J.marlieri at a very good price, and for the same price, I could get the equally beautiful N.brichardi 'kiku blue face'. As much as I love julies and how relatively eco friendly they are to your scape, and how their babies show color at a very young age (making functional colonies a sight to see), I feel like the kiku blue faces would hold more value over time as this locale is as uncommon as it is. I feel like the kiku blues are a once or twice in a life time opportunity, but then there's the whole scaping around the digging habits of a brichardi type neolamp. Ups and downs are equal to me, though I do feel like when I get overrun with fry the kiku blues will be easier to thin out within this club when the time comes. Help!
Neolamprologus brichardi 'kiku blue face/flame tip'
Julidochromis marlieri


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I’ve kept and bred Marleri, I currently have a breeding pair of Brichardi from an unknown collection point. IME neither fish really did anything to the aquascape. Mine stayed in/around the rock work and would only travel out to eat or protect the babies from everything.

If you’re just looking at the color of the babies you’ll want Marleri. If you’re primary focus overall is color, you’ll probably be happier with the Marleri. The Kiku do look attractive. I’ve been tempted by them as well. IMO, I’m not so sure about the fish actually looking the same as in the photo. I would bet too that the photo was taken under ideal lighting and perhaps even doctored up. Something to be mindful of.

Since you asked for opinions, get the Kiku Blue Tips! I don’t think anyone in the club currently has them so it would introduce a new fish. There are a few people with Marleri in the club. MarkK MarkK had some quality Marleri and could probably get you a sweet deal on some. Good luck!